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This collection is a sampling of old tavern songs.
Of Beare (Trudge Away Quickly) Thomas Ravenscroft, 1614, from A Brief Discourse*, No. 10
Transcribed by Elena Santangelo
Merrily, Merrily Greet the Morn

Old English round

Which is the Properest Day to Drink? Dr. Thomas Arne (1710-1778)
Landlord, Fill the Flowing Bowl

The lyric grew out of "Drink To-day" by poet John Fletcher (1579-1625).
A traditional fiddle tune.
Arranged by Elena Santangelo

Banbery Ale Thomas Ravenscroft, 1609 from Pammelia, No. 58
Miller of Dee (The Jolly Miller)

Words from a flyleaf of 1716, traditional tune
Arranged by Elena Santangelo

Love Learns by Laughing Thomas Morley, from Canzonets or Little Short Songs to Three Voyces, 1593
Joan Glover Thomas Ravenscroft, 1609, from Deuteromelia, No. 25
Sweet is the Budding Spring of Love

John Hippisley (d. 1748), from the ballad opera Flora, 
or Hob in the Well
Arranged by Elena Santangelo

Sweet Sir Walter Henry Purcell, from The Catch Club or Merry Companions, Part II, 1733
Blow Away the Morning Dew (or The Lady's Policy)

Thomas D'Urfrey, Pills To Purge Melancholy, 1719
by Elena Santangelo

I Gave Her Cakes Henry Purcell, from The Catch Club or Merry Companions, Part I, 1731 
Over the Hills and Far Away

Words:  John Gay, from The Beggar's Opera, 1728                        Tune:  English country dance from at least 1700.

Lass of Richmond Hill

Words by Leonard McNally, tune by James Hook, published in 1790, when "sheet music" was beginning to replace broadsides
by Elena Santangelo

To the Ladies

Published in The Boston Newsletter, 1769, to protest the Townsend Acts of 1767
Arranged by Elena Santangelo

Mault's Come Downe Thomas Ravenscroft, 1609, from Deuteromelia, No. 15
Down Among the Deadmen

Attributed to John Dyer, 1700-1758, written during the reign of Queen Anne.  The "deadmen" were the empty bottles on the floor beneath the tavern tables
Arranged by Elena Santangelo

The Almanac A round by Richard Brown (d. 1664)
On Independence

Words: Dr. Jonathan Mitchell Sewall (1748-1808)
Tune: Villikins and His Dinah
Arranged by Elena Santangelo

The Liberty Song

Words:  John Dickinson, 1768
Tune:   Hearts of Oak, Dr. William Boyce (1711-1779)
                       Arranged by Elena Santangelo

Ale and Tobacco

Thomas Ravenscroft, 1614, from A Brief Discourse*, No. 12          Transcribed by Elena Santangelo

Toss the Pot

16th century, attributed to Thomas Ravenscroft
Arranged by Elena Santangelo

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