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May Day Revelers present spring programs combining songs and dances that are usually associated with "Bringing in the May." They dress in the English "country" tradition of the mid-to-late 19th century, with women wearing flower garlands on their heads, and men wearing flowers on arm bands and in their straw hats.

Many of the songs are English, Welsh and Celtic, ranging from the Middle Ages, through the Renaissance and up into 18th and 19th centuries. The group performs two variations of the quintessential Maypole dance, as well as other dances of the country dance tradition. Audience participation is strongly encouraged.

Programs for May Day Revelers may be scheduled from late April through the month of May. Contact Ruth Sheets for information.

Learn more about the origins of the maypole dance.



A Sampling of Songs from the May Day Celebration

Summer is Acumen In
Now is the Month of Maying
Sports of May
The Helston Furry
The May Song


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